Save the Date – The Language of Color Workshop July 11

Susan Page TillettThe Language of Color with Susan Page Tillett Workshop and Individual
Sessions will be at Ayla’s Originals on July 11, 2019, from 5:00 to 7:00pm.

Come join color expert and author Susan Tillett to become fluent in The
Language of Color.

Susan brings 20 years of experience as a teacher of color, in a fun,
accessible class designed to teach you the symbolism of color, based on the
colors you pick in Ayla’s lush collection of beads.  In a separate session,
Ayla will work with you to create a unique piece of jewelry based on the
colors of beads that you pick.

In this two-hour class, Susan will share her book What’s to Wear, Beatrice
Bird? to teach you how the colors of the rainbow relate to the seven
chakras.  We will then work with choosing individual colors to learn how
each supports a different aspect of your growth.

Susan is also available for 30-minute individual sessions in which you pick
a series of four colors and discuss what each reveals about your true
nature, your current challenge, the resources you have on hand and the
energy that you are beginning to attract to yourself.   Participants find
these sessions deeply intuitive and helpful in understanding where you are
on your life path.

Susan Page Tillett is an author, intuitive and teacher who particularly
enjoys empowering students to use tools to help them develop their own
insights.  She became a certified instructor through the International
Academy of Color Therapeutics in England in 1998 and has been teaching color
ever since.  In 2015 she published “a children’s book for adults on color”
called What’s to Wear, Beatrice Bird?