Kenyan Maasai Glass Beads - Black


Small Kenyan Maasai glass beads in black.

According to Wikipedia: Beadworking, done by women, has a long history among the Maasai, who articulate their identity and position in society through body ornaments and body painting. Before contact with Europeans, the beads were produced mostly from local raw materials. White beads were made from clay, shells, ivory, or bone. Black and blue beads were made from iron, charcoal, seeds, clay, or horn. Red beads came from seeds, woods, gourds, bone, ivory, copper, or brass. When late in the nineteenth century, great quantities of brightly colored European glass beads arrived in Southeast Africa, beadworkers replaced the older beads with the new materials and began to use more elaborate color schemes. Currently, dense, opaque glass beads with no surface decoration and a naturally smooth finish are preferred.

Each 22" strand has approximately 108 pieces.

Beads are about 6 x 6 x 5mm with a 1.5 mm hole - perfect for thin cord or leather.

This listing is for 1 strand.

Limited Quantity Available.