Classes, Class Descriptions and Photos

Ayla's Originals Class

What Will You Make?

We are currently offering the following classes, either in person or on zoom.

  • Advanced Stringing
  • Earrings (basic loops, intermediate wire wrapping, advanced wire wrapping, freeform wire wrap)
  • Basic and advanced knotting

All classes are private; there are no group classes at this time.

We are not doing parties at this time. Looking forward to changing this in the future.

Instructors: Joe Pizzo and Karen Appel-Drazin.

Each class is 1 hour and costs $45.

Core Classes: $45/person; 1 hour


How to Register

register for a classTo register for any class, simply prepay at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled date of the class. No refunds, cancellations or changes of date will be accepted unless approved by the instructor. Class samples may be seen in the store. Materials must be purchased prior to the beginning of class.

Call (847) 328-4040 to schedule your class. Many classes are held on the lower level of our store. Please let us know if you need accommodations.