Team Building Party

Jewelry-Making Parties

You work hard all day. Between work and family commitments, you miss indulging the creative part of your brain. (Remember that?) And catching up with your besties is difficult. Some things just can’t be explained in a text. We get it.

We have a solution that is quick, affordable, and totally indulgent. Come to Ayla’s for the evening!

Ladies’ Night Out

You and your girlfriends, your sorority sisters or your bridesmaids will have our undivided attention, as we will close the store for your private event. Our talented instructors are there to guide you through every step of the process as you make a beautiful necklace you can wear home!

We’ll take care of all the details, including restaurant-catered noshes, non-alcoholic beverages, and dessert. When your guests arrive at the store, they will have a chance to choose the beads for their project from our pre-curated selection.

As you and your guests are catching up and nibbling, we will explain the basic project to you and show you how to use the beading tools we loan to you for the evening. When the necklaces are near completion, you’ll choose a clasp to finish it, and we’ll show you how to secure it.

From first arrival to finish, allow three hours for a truly wonderful night out. Cost is $89.95 per person for dinner, beads, and instruction.

Ayla's Originals Beading Party

Corporate Team Building

Would you like to take your team out after work for a relaxed, company- sanctioned team-building event? Are you eager to teach your team members how to listen to the creative sides of their brains? Jewelry-making can help do that! We offer customized pro- grams facilitated by professional Master’s level trainers in this field. Build comradery while making jewelry!  The cost will be customized based on your particular program.

Princess Party

Kids Beading Parties

Kids: Princess Party Option

For the little princess in your life, we are offering a party to make every little girl’s dream come true. The Princess Birthday Party includes a balloon bouquet and a tiara for the birthday girl, as well as a gift bag for each member of her entourage (up to 10 children).

Inside the gift bag is a Bead Mix Box and other fun party favors. We will use the Bead Mix Box during the event to make a necklace; the remainder of the beads, including directions, will be saved to go home with each guest to create a second piece of jewelry.

🎂 👑 🎂 👑 🎂 👑 🎂 👑 🎂

This party is perfectly suited for any princess age 8 and up. Our caring and helpful staff will guide each of your young guests as they create a unique piece of jewelry suitable for wearing home. This 2-hour package includes a birthday cake and a group photo. Cost per child is $44.95, maximum of 10 children.

Kids: No Birthday, Just Beads Option

This fun activity is perfect for your Scout troop or camp reunion. We can comfortably accommodate up to 10 children.

During this 90-minute event we will guide each child to make a customized stretchy bracelet. We provide materials including cording, glue, treasure chest beads and a wide variety of assorted colorful seed beads!

Suggested minimum age is 8 years old because attention and hand dexterity skills are needed, but you know your child best. Cost per child is $19.50. Please note this activity does not include refreshments.

Bead Party At Your Place

Are you hosting a party at home, or some other venue, and need a fun activity to add to your special event? Let’s make some jewelry! Our instructors are available to come to a location of your choosing, within a 10-mile radius from the store, for only $100/hour per instructor (2-hour minimum). We recommend one instructor for every 6-8 people.

Each instructor will be available to provide basic instructions to your guests. All materials for your event are available for purchase at Ayla’s Originals.  As a courtesy, our instructor(s) will bring loaner tools to your event so you don’t need to purchase multiple sets.

If you choose to purchase beading supplies elsewhere other than at Ayla’s, we will charge a $150 tool usage fee per event. If you request it, we will also bring finishing supplies (crimps, crimp covers and clasps) to your event, which will be added à la carte to your bill according to our set retail prices.

We are happy to work with you to put together a project that best fits your group’s age, motor skills and budget.


If you would like to have your event professionally photographed, contact Ayla.  All packages can be adjusted to include the services of Joseph Studios.

Bead Therapy

Beaders are a special community. Come join us every Thursday between 5 PM and 7 PM for Bead Therapy. You will experience the meditative and soothing power of beading with some of the nicest people in Evanston. We’re biased, but to know us is to love us!

Custom Packages

Do you have an idea for a group project? Are you interested in a unique and customized activity? Call Ayla (847-328-4040) and speak to her about your ideas. We will customize and accommodate our skills to your needs, budget and schedule.

Important Information

For any private event held at Ayla’s, we require a $200 security deposit to protect against loss, and excessive wear and tear. This security deposit is in addition to the per person fee for the event itself. If there is no damage to the store, this fee will be credited back to you within 48-hours of your event.
Ayla’s Originals is conveniently located next door to a municipal parking lot and usually there is ample street parking available at metered spots.